Struggle against bottom sediments at water intakes from the foothills of the rivers and on the channels


  • Vyacheslav Vecher Національний університет водного господарства та природокористування, Ukraine
  • Lubomir Shynkaruk Національний університет водного господарства та природокористування, Ukraine


Ключові слова:

areas of foothills rivers, bottom sediments, water intakes and sand and gravel catchers, intercep-tion of deposits


In the laboratory of the Hydrotechnical Building and Hydraulics Department of NUWEE, laboratory studies of the proposed water intake for the conditions of the Cherek-Urvan Irrigation System, which drains water from the Cherek River in the North Caucasus, were performed. For comparison, similar studies were conducted on bilateral water intake, which is widely used in the region. The results of the study showed significant advantages of the proposed design. During the water intake, the bottom sediment penetration into the water intake is lower, the water flow rate for the sediment leaching is reduced and a smaller dependence of these characteristics on the water flow is found. Similar studies of the hydraulic mode and mode sedimen of gravel and sand sediment in catcher with lateral obstacle were conducted for water intake conditions from the Samur River in Dagestan. Investigations of the sediment intercept regime have confirmed that in the proposed sand and gravel catcher, more reliable interception of sediment is provided and there is sufficient transporting abilityh of the vortex flow under all modes of operation.


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