Purification of natural and waste water using a hydro-automatic plant in local water supply systems

Tetіana Khomutetska, Victor Khoruzhy, Victor Andreev, Victor Nor


The problems of obtaining quality water, improving the efficiency of water treatment plants, reducing energy consumption in water supply systems and drainage systems are still relevant. Water treatment plants must ensure high quality drinking water, which must meet the normative indices, as well as meet environmental safety requirements in the case of wastewater treatment. In addition, water treatment plants must be reliable in operation, easy to maintain, have good economic performance, which will achieve the lowest possible construction and operating costs and ensure low cost of treated water. In local water supply pipelines, which are located mainly in small settlements, where there may be a shortage of qualified service personnel, there is also a need to automate the operation of water treatment plants when changing the modes of their operation and washing the filter loading. In order to improve the existing plants, the methods of analysis of modern scientific achievements in the field of water treatment and new technical solutions used at water treatment and sewage treatment plants were used in the light of the above requirements. This made it possible to develop a new design of a hydro-automatic plant for natural and wastewater treatment using a bioreactor and a contact clarification filter. In the bioreactor there is a thin fiber loading, which secures colonies of microorganisms involved in the biological treatment of water. The contact clarifier filter at the top is filled with easy floating loading, which delays the contamination, and at the bottom contains a subfilter with activated sludge, which improves the formation of flakes. Such plant is convenient in operation as it achieves complete automation of work while ensuring high quality of purified water.

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water purification; local water supply; hydro-automatic plant; waste water; natural water

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