Modern innovations in providing dismantling of ballast water management systems on sea vessels: design solutions

Larysa Sablii, Natalia Tyron-Vorobiova, Anatoliy Danilian, Olha Romanovska


The authors of the article primarily consider one of the global problems of the present, related to the negative anthropogenic impact of humanity on water resources, in particular marine resources; constant intervention and modification of one of the native sources of the World. Secondly, the authors emphasize that water, especially sea water, is one of the means of transporting a large amount of cargo; every day, ships cross the world′s maritime borders and this is not always safe (emphasis: destruction of sea biota due to the discharge of marine (ballast) water in the coastal areas of the world′s seaports), the result of which is the “destruction” of oceanic spaces because of the settlement of certain marine territories by invasive alien species (IAS). In addition, the article deals with the counteraction to the “global capture and breeding” of the IAS, which is focused on the reequipment (dismantling) of the entire fleet (large-tonnage vessels) with the establishment of modern ballast water management systems (BWMS). Regulation D-2 (an innovation of the IMO Convention) clearly stipulates the latter. The authors of the article display the modern innovations for the installation of BWMS, especially those which are implemented and current. Their principle of action, features, major negatives are given. In particular, the scientists have created and proposed experimental equipment for the disinfection and purification of water ballast (based on DI NU “OMA”). The prospects and key realities of the proposed with the further testing on active sea vessels in Izmail (Ukraine) are presented.

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ballast water management systems (BWMS); ballast water; dismantling; marine equipment; IMO Convention; Regulation D-2; sea vessels; invasive alien species

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