Electrocoagulation water discoloration with spiral electrodes and direct current




Ключові слова:

discoloration, electrocoagulation, spiral electrodes


Low water availability in Ukraine and the continuous increase in the level of pollution of natural water objects require the solution of the issue of rational industrial water use. One way to reduce the flow of harmful pollutants into the environment is the reuse of industrial waste water, provided that it is effectively treated. The work is devoted to the problem of reuse of process water in the production of printing inks. The results of experimental studies of the process of electrocoagulation discoloration of a model solution using a spiral electrode block and a direct electric current are presented. A comparative analysis of the results of studies of the discoloration process conducted with a direct current with the data of previous experiments in the installation with alternating current was carried out. Calculations of specific energy and metal costs are presented for achieving the required purification efficiency in order to recycle treated water for technological needs of the enterprise. Significant advantage of the use of a direct electric current before the variable for the specific energy characteristics is shown.

Біографія автора

Tetiana Arhatenko, Київський національний університет будівництва і архітектури (КНУБА)

Кафедра "Водопостачання та водовідведення", доцент


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